Flat ceramic heater

Flat ceramic heater



Technical data
Length [mm]
Width [mm]
Thickness [mm]
Power [W]
Supply voltage [V]
230, 400, 3×400 or another
Surface load [W/cm2]
Max 8-10
Housing – aluminium-coated carbon steel or chrome-plated.

The type and manner of bringing power according to the future agreement:
– Ceramic strip Zł6p
– Plug WG-2
– Plug N
– Ceramic cube N
– directly with 440°C heat resistant wire in metal braid

The number, location, and diameter of the holes in the shell according to the future agreement.

On special request we perform:
– Energy-save version, performed with bold insulation mat.
– Ability to use internal J, K thermo element, or threaded sensor port.
– Sealed power outlet.
– Low power outlet.